BOPP bags and others comparison.

Bopp feed bags - Trung Kien JSC
BOPP bags and others comparison.
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        Before BOPP bags was invented, paper packaging are chosen to store and transport products. However, there are many restrictions on the use of paper packaging such as strength, moisture resistance, cost and the special is printing graphic. Then BOPP bags was publish, it has demonstrated , can filling restrictions and weaknesses. Let’s compare in the following article.

BOPP bags and others comparisons

Multi-wall paper vs. paper laminated vs. BOPP laminated PP bags

        In terms of the aspects as quality, durability, graphics and cost benefits – BOPP bags have some less obvious than others. For example, consider how woven polypropylene bags dramatically reduce losses from damage during distribution? Producers know that one leaking bag can result in the return of an entire pallet of product and a substantial impact on profitability and retailer satisfaction.

        Now, with BOPP packaging, producers know that when products leave their plants, they can be expected to satisfy distribution and consumer needs without damage or failure. In doing so, BOPP packaging delivers the lowest overall cost to the producer and the greatest satisfaction to the customer.

Paper laminated woven polypropylene (PP) bags (KP bags)

        An alternative to multi-wall kraft paper bags, kraft paper laminated woven PP bags usually feature a single layer of kraft paper laminated to woven PP fabric. This results in a lighter weight bag with excellent resistance to tearing and moisture. It is ideal for the packing of wild bird seed, animal feeds, minerals, salt, cement, and chemicals.

bao xi măng KP, các loại bao bì nhựa - Trung Kien JSC

KP bags produted by Trung Kien JSC

BOPP laminated woven PP bags (BOPP bags)

        A modern economical alternative to multi-wall kraft paper bags, woven BOPP laminated  PP bags features high quality graphics and is ideally suited to the consumer retail market. It is perfectly suited for the packing of  food, animal feeds, aqua feeds, minerals, salt, and chemicals.

Bao bopp ghep mang hai mat, bao bopp dan day - Trung Kien JSC

BOPP laminated PP bag is popular.

        BOPP films offer a unique combination of properties such as better shrinkage, stiffness, transparency, sealability, twist retention and barrier. In addition, an exciting technique using BOPP film has been developed to enhance the printing of a woven PP bag. By reverse printing the BOPP film, it can then be laminated to an already strong woven polypropylene bag. This allows for the same high quality graphic printing on woven bags previously only found on multi-wall paper and PP bags.

        BOPP bags are taking more and more of the market share from the multi-wall bag industry. The glossy, slick, professional print of the BOPP film along with its economical pricing and legendary strength gives it strong shelf appeal and the reputation of becoming the overall printed bag of choice.

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