About BOPP bags

About BOPP bags
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What is BOPP bags ?

BOPP (Biaxally Oriented Polypropylene) is polypropylene film that has been stretched in the machine (longitudinal) direction and it is also stretched in the transverse (lateral) direction. BOPP bags of Trung Kien JSC have high transparency, clarity and excellent tensile strength.

The advantages of BOPP bag.

  • Superior strength and lower weight than paper bags.
  • Resistance to UV light and waterproofing.
  • Corona treatment on one or both sides.
  • BOPP bags don’t break or bust unlike paper bags
  • Highest printing quality that cannot be scratched of rubbed off.
  • There are high gloss and easy to keep clean on shelf space.

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Common applications for BOPP bag.

  • BOPP feed bags for: pet, bird, animal, cattle, poultry, aquafeed, etc…
  • Agricultural bags: seed (rice, corn, … )
  • Food packaging: noodle bags, candy bags. spices bags,…
  • Detergent and cosmetics packaging: powder bags, shampoo packet…
  • Agricultural medicine packaging: pesticides,..